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4.10.21 | Lake Lure Vow Renewal | Thomas & Alex

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A year after their elopement Thomas and Alex were able to celebrate with their friends and family with a beautiful vow renewal in Lake Lure. Way back in 2019 when I first met Thomas & Alex for drinks at one of the awesome breweries in the area we talked all about their plans for their wedding day at the Lake Lure Inn. I was super stoked for their day, but then 2020 happened. So plans changed. They still wanted to get married in 2020 and decided to elope and reschedule the party to 2021. Typical of 2020 our plan a, plan b, and plan c didn't pan out for their elopement and we ended up with plan d which was sharing their vows on the blue ridge parkway. It ended up being amazing! If you want to check out how that day went you can see it here

So fast forward a year almost to the day Thomas & Alex were finally able to celebrate with their family and friends at their original venue, the Lake Lure Inn & Spa. It ended up being a rainy day but that did not stop it from being any more magical. They shared a first look out at the gazebo overlooking the lake and mountains. When I say I cannot handle how cute this couple is, I literally cannot. I think Thomas's reaction says it all.

With the help of some umbrellas and the occasional brief break in the rain we were able to sneak in some photos. Their dog was a little anxious so they kept her in Alex's getting ready suite a.k.a the Patrick Swayze suite, if you're a dirty dancing fan it would be a pretty awesome place to stay. Before the ceremony we came and checked on the pup and snapped a few photos.

Thomas's father performed the ceremony and did an amazing job with giving some of his own stories about both of them. They reaffirmed their vows a year later surrounded by their friends and family.

After the ceremony since we already had the first look we just had to snap a couple group family photos then Thomas and Alex were able to join the party. And oh boy what a party it was. There was some very impressive dancing, some karaoke, and plenty of alcohol. Watching how Thomas and Alex interacted together throughout their day was so heartwarming to see how strong their love still is.

We finished off photos with a sparkler send off during a light drizzle. I remember hearing Alex say how perfect the day was and how she wishes it wasn't over. I think that is how every wedding day should go ❤️❤️

Other awesome vendors who took part in their day:

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