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Hey, I'm Amy. 

I'm a nature loving, dog loving, IPA drinking photographer and artist splitting my time between the beautiful blue ridge mountains of NC and the amazing North Cascade Mountains of WA. Visual storytelling has always been a passion of mine, I went to school for biology and art with a concentration in illustration and graphic design. I still draw all the time and have been regularly making some dope T-shirt designs. I picked up my first DSLR 9 years ago and it has been such an amazing adventure. The opportunities, the friendships, the awesome memories, I wouldn’t change a thing. 


Outside of my creative ventures I have two great loves in my life, my husband, John and our dog, Anthrax (I’ve gotten a few weird looks from that one, but he’s named after the band so people can chill). I married my highschool sweetheart, who is my best friend and my favorite adventure partner, whether we are playing on a paintball team together, going white water rafting when I can’t swim, me attempting to mountain bike as he just sends it, or hiking an awesome trail I’m happy to be on this journey of life with him. John is also my second shooter/associate photographer/partner in crime/creative inspiration. ​You can read more about him below.

Most days when I’m not working from home, snuggled up with my pup, you can find me hitting a trail with my guy + dog, posted up in a coffee shop somewhere, or hanging out at a local brewery. I like my coffee black, my beer hoppy, and my trails long and winding. 

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Hey, I'm John.

I’m a mountain biker, PBR drinker, stoner rock lover, photographer & creator. You will find me mostly working in the background of Amy Weits Photography, but occasionally shooting my own sessions, making videos, & second shooting with Amy. 

Full disclosure this is now Amy, writing for John. Let me take you through a stroll down memory lane.... A long, long, long time ago in the days of high school John took a black and white photography class, and at that moment John's passion for photography began. He developed his own film and participated in art shows. He started to experiment with digital photos and bought his first DSLR (which I would later steal). Before I ever even considered being a photographer, John was covering small weddings, family photos, events, and other creative projects. My photographic journey began when I took his camera to grab some shots of him at a paintball event, and ever since then photography has snowballed into this amazing passion and adventure of mine. So as my business continued to grow I wanted to have someone by my side who I trusted to capture the important moments and the little things in between, and who better than my husband who inspired me to get started in photography? 

Comparing John's style to mine I would say they are very similar, debatably he may be more creative. He really has an amazing eye for framing images and coming up with original ideas. I still do all the editing, so every image will still have the same feel that you see in my portfolio. Sometimes even when I go through the photos from a wedding I can't tell which one of us took the photos until I check which camera was used 😅

John will associate shoot weddings or sessions on occasion (if I am already booked I may offer this as an option), he is my #1 second shooter, an awesome videographer, a great 2nd witness, my occasional assistant, and of course my best friend.

Our Adventures

We are both passionate about spending as much time in the great outdoors as we can, whether that be backpacking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, or just chilling by the river. We do our best to enjoy this beautiful world. We are both originally from Upstate New York and go back there every year to visit family. The past few years we have been living in Western North Carolina and we absolutely love these Appalachian mountains. As much as we love North Carolina the PNW has stolen our hearts and we visit as often as we can. Because we both love to travel and there’s still so much of this country & world we want to check out we are still booking weddings & elopements throughout the US & beyond. As a reminder we never charge travel fees for weddings or elopements in NC and we do not charge travel fees if we are already in the area. 


Our 2024 travel dates: 

July - NC

August 1st-8th - NC

August 9th-15th - NY

August 16th-31st - NC

September 1st-18th - NC

September 19th-25th - NY

September 26th-30th - NC

October - NC

November - NC

December - NC 


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You can check out some of our previous adventures below. If you want to stay up to date on all our adventures follow us @aweitsphotography

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