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Elopement | Thomas & Alex

Updated: 6 days ago

Although it wasn't the wedding they planned, or even their plan B or C, Thomas & Alex still made the best out of it. The big wedding with family and friends has been pushed out to 2021, but these two still wanted to share their vows on their original wedding date. The original location we headed to was closed so we decided to drive along the parkway with no real destination in mind. Alex was sitting in the back seat with a sheet blocking Thomas from being able to see her. When we stopped at the overlook on Mount Pisgah it was just perfect. They were able to still have a first look and recite their heartfelt vows (I only cried a little). These are strange times to be living in for sure, but love always finds a way ❤️ I am looking forward to their big celebration next year but I am grateful I was able to capture these memories for them too ❤️❤️

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