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North Carolina, & Beyond.

Our photography & videography style is very laid back and natural. When we capture a wedding or elopement our goal is to document the wonderful things that happen throughout the day and use the photos & video to tell your story. The little in between moments make for the best photos & video. Genuine smiles, hearty laughs, spontaneous adventures, that's what we're all about. Your love story is completely unique, and we want to capture that. 

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"We're awkward and not photogenic"

It's ok, most people feel this way. We work in a candid style that doesn't involve a lot of posing. We will prompt you to do different things and let your personalities shine through. We keep it fun and casual more like we're hanging out and having a conversation. But don't worry we will still tell you what to do with your hands and if you're hair needs to be fixed, we will make sure you look good 😉   

"Do we have to hike forever to get to these spots?"

Nope! There are plenty of awesome overlooks or short trails that are easily accessible or accessible with a 4x4 vehicle. If you're down for a long hike then awesome! But if you want something shorter and still have the epic view it is definitely possible. 

Throughout the entire day we will be taking photos & video to tell the story of your adventures. But they're only certain times in the day that we will set aside specifically for portraits. You will have the day to do all the awesome things you want, whether that be going for an epic hike, chilling at a brewery, or spending time around the fire your day is all about YOU and YOUR PARTNER so make it whatever you want. 

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"Is it an all day photoshoot?"

Let's go adventuring

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You can check out more videos HERE

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