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8.7.21 | Backyard Wedding in Hendersonville, NC | Nate & Amanda

Updated: May 17

Amanda & Nate had an awesome wedding celebration right in their backyard in Hendersonville, NC. Over the past year they have been putting in a tremendous amount of work to get their house ready and it turned out amazing! There was a looming threat of rain and we even had quite a bit of thunder, but for those who are used to the weather around here it changes every 5 minutes and the storm just passed us by. They had their ceremony in their backyard and kept it super short and sweet. They shared mead out of a horn as part of their ceremony. They opted for a doughnut tower instead of a cake, which I think is brilliant! The rest of the day was spent celebrating with their friends and family. Scroll to the end to see Amanda climbing a tree on her wedding day because why not? ⁠⁠


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