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5.21.21 | Intimate wedding at The Beacon Bed & Breakfast in Hartwell, GA | Rachel & Johnny

Updated: May 17

Oh let me tell you how much I love this couple, so FRIGGIN MUCH! First off, way back when we did their engagement photos 1) they brought their dog, so immediately I am stoked. 2) they were willing to get up early to catch the sunrise and oh was it worth it that day 😍 I'll share a couple of from that awesome day below:

Rachel & Johnny were originally planning a more traditional wedding but with COVID they decided to switch their plans around to a more intimate celebration and just elope at a lake in Georgia. 10/10 I highly recommend.

They rented a beautiful Airbnb that was plenty spacious for all of their guests to be able to stay there. It was right on that water and absolutely stunning 😍 when I first arrived I went ahead and did my thing with the detail shots, aka find a nice tree to hang the dress in and employ Rachel’s brother to stand on a folding chair to make it possible 😅 I still appreciate you dude!

After Rachel slipped into her dress her and Johnny shared a first look at the end of the dock. The love that these two share, y’all I can’t handle it. It was immediate tears and their smiles really just showed the joy of the day.

We opted to take the family photos at the Lake before heading over to the venue for some more portrait time. Rachel had a brief cheese break. Before the ceremony. Pro tip: always plan for snack time.

Their venue was The Beacon Bed & Breakfast and it was such a gorgeous location. Lots of trails to explore, farm animals to enjoy, and plenty of privacy. Rachel, Johnny, and I went for a little hike around the property and found a lovely wooden bridge along the trail where we took some photos.

Their ceremony was underneath a beautiful tree and was full of happy tears and laughter. They opted to write their vows in a letter and swap letters during the ceremony instead of reading their vows aloud. Johnny is a doctor and has the typical illegible handwriting and Rachel had to have him clarify a few lines 😂 after the first kiss they did the Greek tradition of breaking glass for good luck. Funny story, Johnny originally grabbed a plastic light build to break and they had to track down a glass bulb 😂

Their reception was a great party with lots of white claws, laughter, and good times. Johnny’s day was made when they got to feed the donkeys some treats. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy to feed a donkey 🤣 there was also a brief moment where he accidentally locked himself in the outhouse, so we had to recreate that moment for posterity.

Truly one of the most fun days I’ve been to 😊


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