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4.3.21 | Marshall, NC Intimate Wedding | Erin & Eric

Updated: May 17

Erin & Eric are some of those people when you first talk to them you just immediately click. They are quite literally some of my favorite people. From our very first conversation talking about dogs, beer, the outdoors, and just getting to know each other I knew that their wedding day was going to be amazing. Even though Erin & Eric live out of state we were able to find some time to meet up in person for coffee before the big day when they came to Brevard to go hiking. I always think when you're able to, it's great to meet in person and just chat and get to know each other a bit better face to face. This also gave me the opportunity to meet Odin, their beautiful German Shepard 😍😍 As you will see in their photos he kind of stole the spotlight for some of the day.

They made their wedding day reflect their personalities and relationship and it was honestly amazing! Every detail came together reflecting something important in their lives. Eric wore lucky socks that he had on when they had their first date and when he proposed. His tie also matched Odin's bowtie. Eric wore a pheasant pin for his grandfather and Erin carried a prayer book from her great grandmother that has been carried by each bride for the past few generations.

Instead of a first look they opted for a first touch. During this time Erin decided to ice Eric 😂 They also used this time to privately share their vows and exchange a couple little gifts. Erin gave Eric a watch to wear, and Eric gave Erin a bracelet and necklace that she ended up wearing with her dress.

During their ceremony I got to hear about how Erin and Eric first met. They were both in the Navy and stationed in Japan. They were hanging out with a group of friends and they were talking about some show that Erin really wanted to watch but was only available on Amazon Prime. So Eric invited her over to come and watch it with him since he had Prime, but apparently his account didn't work in Japan. So the joke was he lured her in with false promises of Amazon Prime. 😂 😂

Just about everyone cried during the ceremony, myself included. Eric teared up when he saw Erin walking down the stairs. Which was the main goal of the day, to make Eric cry a little.

Right after the ceremony everyone toasted to the newlyweds and we went ahead with taking family and wedding party photos. The first wedding party photo we took everyone shotgunned a beer. Which in hindsight was poor planning, it should have been our last photo since everyone had beer on them. That's ok though, photoshop is great.

Since neither of them are big dancers instead of having a first dance they opted to have a first game of beer pong with their parents. Which was so friggin' awesome! There are so many options to make your wedding more about you and your partner and have it be a reflection of who you are together, and I think Erin and Eric nailed that.

We finished off the photography coverage for the day with some golden hour and sunset photos 😍 It was such an awesome day, I just felt like I was hanging out with friends the whole time ❤️❤️


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