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3.12.22 | Elopement at Homewood in Asheville, NC | Micah & Adam

Updated: 6 days ago

This elopement was a snowy a dream 😍 Micah & Adam came all the way from North Dakotah to elope in Asheville, North Carolina hoping that the south would have some warmer weather 😅 the snow definitely followed them here. We honestly almost never get snow in the winter here, so it was sort of a fluke. In my 5 years of living in NC this was the third time I ever saw it snow. Even though it wasn't the sunshine filled warm weather they were hoping for these two were still happy to finally get married. With lots of warm up breaks by the fire we were still able to go outside for some portraits and capture some of the beauty of this awesome venue. ⁠I never even knew Homewood existed until Micah reached out. Who wouldn't want to get married at an awesome castle-like venue right outside of downtown?

Micah & Adam had their ceremony in front of the fireplace and had their parents and siblings with them to celebrate. So happy I could be there and capture their day ❤️ ⁠

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