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1.2.21 | Intimate Wedding | Hannah & Kyler

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Hannah & Kyler were married on a beautiful day at the beginning of January. It was warm and the sun was shining, which was awesome considering you never know what the weather is going to be like in the mountains during winter. Hannah was was a little disappointed at first, she was hoping for some snow for their wedding. They had their ceremony at the Fontana Dam overlooking the lake and the mountains. It was breathtaking.

Hannah & Kyler met during an internship in Arkansas. They were both wildlife and forestry majors in college.They had a 3rd roommate during their internship and they are all still best friends. After being friends for awhile Hannah & Kyler started dating and there passion for wildlife and forestry led them to getting married in the mountains of North Carolina. Back home they have 3 pups who were much to my dismay not able to travel to the wedding.

Hannah wore a dress that has been passed along throughout her family. It has been worn for 5 different weddings. It was originally her mothers and has been lended out to a few other family members including her sister, and the dress HAS NEVER BEEN ALTERED 🤯 🤯 They call it the traveling dress. Her sister said she was determined to not wear the dress for her wedding but every dress she tried on at the boutique was a similar style and she kept comparing it to the dress. I think it's magic or something.

Kyler's father is a pastor and he performed the ceremony at the overlook of the Fontana Dam. Hannah's mother made one of the best cheesecakes I have ever had and all the food at the Inn was amazing.

Overall it was a laid back day where two awesome people were able to commit their lives to each other surrounded by their closest friends and family. Wishing Hannah & Kyler many happy years together ❤️❤️

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