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1.16.21 | Asheville Intimate Wedding | Rachel & Brock

Updated: May 17

Rachel & Brock got married on a snowy day in Asheville. We don't get a lot of snow around here so it's always a special treat when it does actually happen so I'm going to say it's a sign of good luck! They had their intimate wedding at an amazing AirBNB just north of Asheville that had some stunning mountain views. They were surrounded by their closest friends & family to celebrate the day. Getting married during a pandemic is definitely out of the norm, but everyone did a great job being respectful, wearing masks, and staying socially distant. The quote on their mask and the favors was "Spread love, not germs" which definitely fits the theme of the past year.

They had their ceremony on a balcony overlooking the mountains with one of their close friends officiating. Rachel & Brock each had heartfelt vows and there were many teary eyes from those in attendance.

With the winter weather we had to be a bit creative for outside photos and took lots of fire breaks and inside breaks to stay warm. It all worked out great in the end! Rachel's mom made their cake. It was a mixture of carrot cake and red velvet and was amazing! They spent their reception playing Mario Kart with their friends, dancing, drinking questionable margaritas that were mostly just tequila, and spending time with their loved ones. They made their day what they wanted. A low key, awesome party surrounded by their favorite people. Rachel & Brock moved on to their next adventure after their wedding day with Rachel accepting a job at Yellowstone National Park. Can't say I'm not a little jealous. Wishing them many more happy years and adventures together ❤️❤️❤️


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