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So how does a proposal session work without tipping them off that something is about to happen? I always arrive 15 minutes early and hang out in the area. Typically it's a public place, so it's not weird for there to be someone else in the area. If it's a scenic view it's pretty common for there to be other photographers taking photos, so I will just pretend to be enjoying the view. Sometimes I even bring my doggo as a decoy. We have some sort of signal so I know when you're about to get down on one knee and that's when I start photographing the two of you. 


We would work together to figure out where it is exactly you decide to pop the big question and I will be around discreetly so that I can capture that special moment. I usually give y’all a minute to celebrate and then I will come up to you both and we do sort of a mini engagement shoot, so some photos of the two of you and definitely lots of photos showing off the ring.

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