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Mother & Son Session | Jasmine & Ezekiel

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Working with kids is always funny. It can be really hard to get them to sit still and pose, and I am stranger with a camera so they may not want to even look at me, let alone smile 😂

So I try to keep it light and fun, having them play and kind of prompting them to do things where I know we can make cute photos but have it feel a bit more like playtime rather than something forced.

Jasmine & Ezekiel were so much fun to work with. Ezekiel mostly wanted to do his own thing and we gave him some freedom to play and have fun. His favorite things to do were stomp on the bridge, go on this wooden stage, and look at the ducks. So happy I was able to capture these sweet moments for them ❤️❤️

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