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Elopement | Michele & Anthony

Updated: May 17

This was one of those sessions that was just so perfect you can't even believe that it was real. Michele had reached out to me and said that they were planning to elope at one of my favorite spots in NC and they just wanted to have a few pictures to remember the day by. It was going to be a super short ceremony with Anthony's parents as witnesses. And in my mind this is my dream job and I was stoked to be able to capture their photos.

The day of was one of the coldest days we have had all January. It was only 28 degrees out but they were still down to hike out to the spot to share their vows. Being able to witness their devotion to each other and proclaiming their love was so beautiful. By the end of the ceremony I couldn't feel my fingers, but it was totally worth it.

**As a side note Michele was KILLIN' IT in her jumpsuit and her boots were just 😍 😍

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