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7.31.20| Elopement | Yeney & Roany

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

I am so grateful I got to spend 2 days with this beautiful family. The first day Yeney & Roany had the most beautiful backyard wedding. They were married 15 years ago in Cuba and decided to renew their vows and get married in the US. Their ceremony was emotional and sweet, and although I could only understand about 10% of their vows (my Spanish is not great 😂) the emotion and love was extremely apparent.

The next day we had a more adventurous portrait session over at Lake Lure. It was super overcast and foggy which made for the moodiest looking mountains 😍 we ended our session about 2 minutes before a down pour, so I would say we had optimal timing.

Other important things to note, their daughter asked if we could be best friends and if she could come to my birthday party 😂 ❤️


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