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5.21.22 | Elopement in Downtown Asheville, NC | Mel & Jason

Oh how to describe Mel & Jason... Hmm... Maybe super freaking awesome, bad ass, wonderfully, amazing people. I am so beyond grateful that these two humans came into my life, they're really not just "our clients" they're our friends and I am so honored that John and I were able to capture their true to them elopement in Asheville, NC.

I first met Mel & Jason for their engagement session. When I was helping them find a location Mel described that she wanted a rustic, punkish, hipstery vibes in an urban setting. Not going to lie, I was definitely a little overwhelmed with that description haha We ended up going to the Asheville Guitar Bar, where they were kind enough to let us take photos inside their awesome space and then we spent some time exploring the River Arts District. I immediately got along with Mel & Jason. Similar music tastes, plenty of nerdiness, and just in general great vibes.

They originally had a wedding planned in Florida and they decided they wanted John and I to come capture their day. Will this and that happened and they decided to have an intimate wedding here in Asheville instead! Our schedules didn't quite match up but they loved the idea of having an elopement session that could just be for them. Their wedding day perfectly sums up their relationship. It was full of love, surrounded by friends and family, small, intimate...and offbeat. Mel describes their life as a simple one, of precious, quiet moments, punctuated by small bursts of anxiety. So when deciding what they wanted to do for the elopement they wanted it to feel like a representation of the beautiful simple life they have created together.

We decided to get up for that early morning light and take their pups for a walk in the park. This park also happens to be one of the places Mel & Jason went when they first started dating. Mel said it was that first time they went to this park was when she realized she was falling in love with Jason (swoon).

After the pups got tuckered out they dropped them off at home and then headed to Downtown Asheville. We decided to go on the hunt for some good cold brew. We wandered around until we found a new coffee spot none of us had been to before and settled in for some tasty drinks and good conversation.

After our beverages we decided to go check out some of the quirky parts of Asheville, like chicken alley. A supposedly haunted alley in Asheville with some epic murals of chickens. We had fun playing around with our polaroid and dancing in the alley. (did I mention that Mel is also a super bad ass concert photographer and Jason is a musician?? they're too cool).

It was such a beautiful relaxed day, that just felt like them. I'm so happy John and I got to hang out with them and that they have become new friends 😊

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